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Served on a Toasted Bun with French Fries
  • Classic Hamburger 7.99

    lettuce, tomato and onion

  • Cheeseburger 7.99

    American, Cheddar or Provolone lettuce, tomato and onion

  • JB’s Burger 9.99

    mushrooms, bacon, crumbled blue cheese

  • BBQ Burger 9.99

    BBQ sauce, onion rings, bacon, cheddar

  • Chicken Burger 9.99

    fried chicken patty, lettuce, tomato, mayo and provolone cheese

Pasta Dishes

Spaghetti topped with Pasta Sauce and Cheese
  • Homemade Marinara Sauce 7.99
  • Homemade Meatballs 9.99
  • Sausage 8.99

    with homemade marinara

  • Baked Chicken Cutlet 8.99
  • Eggplant Parmesan 8.99
  • Chicken Broccoli Alfredo 9.99

    chicken broccoli and homemade Alfredo sauce

Homemade Meat Lasagna 9.99

Our House Specialty

10” Gourmet Subs

All sandwiches are toasted unless otherwise requested

From the Deli 9.99

  • Your Choice:

    Ham, Genoa Salami, Turkey Provolone, American, Cheddar cheese

  • Deli Subs Include:

    lettuce, tomato, onion, provolone and mayo
    Optional: Pickles or Hot Peppers

  • Italian Club:

    Genoa salami, ham, cooked salami, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, oil and vinegar

Extra cheese 1.25 / Bacon 1.25

Toasted Parmesans 9.99

  • Topped with provolone cheese and homemade marinara sauce

    Chicken • Eggplant • Meatball • Sausage

Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.

From the Grill 9.99

  • Steak & Cheese

    Philly steak, provolone, mayo

  • The McCuddy

    chicken cutlet, provolone, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, mayo

  • Hot Pastrami

    pastrami, provolone, tomatoes, onions, mustard

  • Chicken Stir-Fry

    grilled chicken, mushrooms, onions, peppers, American cheese

  • Steak Bomb

    Philly steak, mushrooms, onions, peppers, salami, pepperoni, provolone

  • Honey Dijon Chicken

    grilled chicken, ham, provolone, lettuce, tomatoes, honey dijon mustard

  • Reuben

    pastrami, provolone, onions, auerkraut, 1,000 island dressing

  • Grilled Veggie

    mushrooms, onions, peppers, provolone, American cheese

  • Teriyaki Chicken

    grilled chicken, mushrooms, onions, American cheese, topped with crispy wonton noodles

  • BLT

    bacon, lettuce, tomato, American cheese, mayo

  • BBQ Chicken

    grilled chicken bacon, lettuce, onions, American cheese, BBQ sauce

  • Buffalo Chicken

    grilled chicken, buffalo sauce, lettuce, onions, provolone, blue cheese dressing

  • BBQ Chicken Ranch

    grilled chicken, BBQ sauce, lettuce, onions, provolone, ranch dressing

Add Just a Handful of Fries or Onion Rings to any item for 1.99


  • Baklava 2.99

    honey, walnuts and cinnamon layered between phyllo sheets

  • Fried Oreos 6.99

    your favorite cookies, battered, deep fried, and dusted with powdered sugar

  • Cheesecake 4.99

    Ask about today’s delicious selection!

For parties of 6 or more, an 18% gratuity will be added to your check.
Prices are subject to change without notice.

11 AM TO 10 PM
For parties of 6 or more, and 18% gratuity will be added to your check.